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The Resource Center logo contains two very ancient forms that were appropriated by Christians centuries ago: the spiral and the flame.

The ancient Greeks believed that fire was a gift from the gods and had sacred qualities. The early church came to use the flame as a symbol for the Holy Spirit after Pentecost; more recently an abolitionist lit a candle in his window so runaway slaves knew it was safe to cross the Ohio River to his house. The flame has also represented enlightenment and learning.

The spiral may be the oldest symbol of human spirituality, scratched into rocks thousands of years ago on every continent, perhaps connected to the sun. It came to be a symbol of the cycles of life, creativity, and the mystery at the heart of existence. It found expression in the Middle Ages in Gothic cathedrals, e.g., in Chartres and Amiens, symbolizing the spiritual journey inward to God, outward to the world. In our own time we see a recovery of the archetypal spiral and a renewed appreciation for ancient spiritual practices such as walking the labyrinth.

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